How to Build a Better Digital Brand

Want to know what Foundry looks for in emerging brands, and how you can build a better digital brand in today’s e-commerce climate? Listen in as Co-Founder and Chief Acquisitions Officer Kyle Walker talks about building better digital brands with Izach Porter of The Deal Closers Podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • (02:52) A bit of background on Foundry Brands.
  • (04:46) Areas brands can invest in to create enterprise value, today.
  • (11:08) Benefits to sending outside traffic to Amazon.
  • (14:10) How to optimize limited time by creating content that’s as effective as possible.
  • (17:09) Why Foundry has specific criteria for our brands—and what we are looking for
  • (21:57) What a partnership between Foundry and a brand founder looks like.
  • (26:00) The long-term vision of Foundry Brands.
  • (28:37) How brands can create stronger, more cohesive connections with customers.
  • (31:12) Kyle’s best practices for owners thinking about selling their business.